A small group program via Telehealth for children with feeding, eating and swallowing difficulties.

Building Successful Mealtimes is designed specifically for caregivers of young children (six months to five years of age) who have feeding delays, including oral-motor delays, sensory-based feeding issues, or dysphagia concerns. The small group online program’s goals are to advance the child’s skills in feeding, eating, and swallowing, while caregivers learn strategies to use at home and in the community to promote positive mealtime experiences.

Building Successful Mealtimes will:

  • Promote each child’s skills and abilities needed to progress in feeding, eating, and swallowing to support adequate nutrition and mealtime success.
  • Support and coach caregivers and children to have a positive mealtime experience.
  • Educate caregivers on identifying sensory and oral motor challenges.
  • Provide caregivers with practical tools and strategies for daily use.

Program Highlights:

  • Staffing includes two licensed occupational therapists. One therapist will have the advanced practice credential from the California Board of Occupational Therapy for Swallowing Assessment, Evaluation, or Intervention (SWC).
  • The ratio of children-to-therapist is no more than 3:1, with one licensed clinician for two to three clients.
  • Groups are based on age and abilities, with no more than five children per group.
  • Caregiver involvement is required in every session. The therapist will provide live coaching while treatment is delivered as caregiver collaboration is critical to the child’s progress.
  • Caregivers will receive weekly handouts to reinforce the skills and strategies utilized in that week’s session, and hands-on home activities to help with carryover during the week.
  • Groups meet weekly for one-hour sessions.
  • Each child’s skill level will be reassessed through structured clinical assessment and observation, input from parent reporting, and review of goals.


For inquiries on schedule availability and fees, please contact Joan Surfus, OTD, OTR/L, SWC 310.328.0276 x524 / joans@ptnmail.org.