We appreciate your interest in Camp Escapades and hope to resume this program in the summer of 2021. When new information is available, we will provide updates via our website, email newsletter, and social media.

A summer day camp for children with developmental concerns and their siblings.



CAMP ESCAPADES offers children in our community a traditional summer camp experience that is inclusive of everyone's needs.  Our highly trained multidisciplinary camp team includes PTN occupational therapists with numerous years of camp experience who oversee programming, staff and volunteers. Camp groups are staffed with occupational, physical or speech therapists, paraprofessional educators, and one-on-one teen volunteers who are the child's “buddy" throughout the week. Camp activities take place in a safe encouraging environment and are geared and adapted so that every camper can have fun regardless of their age or ability. 

Director of Camp Escapades
Karen Rodriguez, MS, OTR/L
Karen, a lifelong native of Torrance, decided to go back to school after raising her three children and teaching preschool for twelve years. She received her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills in 2009. Karen completed her required volunteer hours for OT school at Camp Escapades in 2006 as a one-to-one camper buddy. Little did she know that years later, she would not only work at Pediatric Therapy Network, but she would be the Director of Camp Escapades! Working with children is her passion.
Parent Testimonial
“I just got our girls tucked into bed and as I’m washing Kyleigha’s camp shirt one last time, I wanted to write a quick thank you. I’ll begin with how our cup runneth over…Camp Escapades has given Kyleigha many things. I won’t hear about them, I’ll see them. As you know, getting information out of a child with autism is a roll of the dice. For Kyleigha, she has a difficult time expressing her feelings into words while she’s in a difficult time. I’m so proud of how brave she is! Each day she’s told me of the things she’s done, even the difficult one, where she cried for 10 minutes but then was able to go into the pool once everyone exited because she doesn't like being splashed. I was proud that she was honest, forthright, and expressed herself once calming down and was able to go into a splash free pool for even a few minutes. I’ve heard of the boa constrictor snake, the horse, her new dance moves, her new volunteer friend, and her overall desire to go to Camp! Nothing pleases us more than to see her want to go back for more! And just as I’ve heard her tell me of a few things about camp, I see her stand taller, more assertive, and proud to be able to go to camp. I see Kyleigha doing many great things in life, thanks to PTN for giving her the opportunity, our deepest thank you!”

When does Camp Escapades take place?

Camp Escapades will take place in the summer of 2021.

Who is eligible for camp?

Campers must be 5-14 years of age. In addition, to make camp a fun and safe experience for all children, your child must be able to do the following without showing aggressive or unsafe behaviors: 

  • Participate in group activities
  • Remain in a group without running away
  • Attend to activities for at least 10 to 15 minutes
  • Transition from one activity to the next with minimal assistance
  • Display no aggressive behaviors (such as hitting, biting, scratching, etc.)

Please note that camp coordination team reserves the right to request that a family member or 1:1 assistant remain with the child if he or she is unable to meet the criteria listed above. Children with mobility challenges are welcome at camp. A 1:1 assistant or family member must accompany any camper who is in need of assistance for feeding, medication, bathroom use or mobility.

Will my child receive therapy at Camp Escapades?

Camp Escapades' objective is for children of all abilities to enjoy a summer camp experience as opposed to meeting treatment goals.  Group leaders will be present at all times to facilitate a child's participation, modifying or adapting the activity as needed. 

How do I volunteer at Camp Escapades?

Click here for details on our volunteer opportunities and requirements.

Camper Inquiries:

Contact Karen Rodriguez at karenr@ptnmail.org / 310-328-0276, ext. 364.

Volunteer Inquiries:

Contact Natalie Garcia at natalieg@ptnmail.org / 310-571-8091.