This cutting-edge program for babies and toddlers with autism spectrum disorder continues our commitment to provide best-practice therapeutic intervention for children.  PTN is one of only two centers in Los Angeles offering this innovative early intervention program.

Early Start Denver Model Highlights:

  • Backed strongly by research that shows a decrease in autism symptoms and an improvement in language skills
  • Designed specifically for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), children at risk for ASD (i.e. siblings have ASD), or children with red flags who are 12 months to three years old
  • Combines child-led, social engagement therapy with behavioral treatment and covers all developmental domains
  • Focuses primarily on language, imitation, and social skills
  • Aims to provide a learning opportunity every 10-30 seconds to compensate for the learning opportunities children with autism miss
  • A group program with six children and three staff members, with a reassessment every 12 weeks to ensure progress
  • Children participate in circle time, snack, and six rotating centers to address their individual goals across all domains of development
  • Parent/caregiver involvement is an integral part of the model and program
Client Spotlight
The Lucido's Story
When asked to share their family's experience with Pediatric Therapy Network, Abigail Lucido said, "We are overwhelmed with gratitude. Emma gets excited when she realizes the car is pulling up to PTN. She has made an incredible amount of progress in such a short amount of time, and we credit that to her dedicated therapists and the theory behind the Early Start Denver Model. Emma's therapists are patient, understanding, and willing to listen and give advice. We feel so blessed to be a part of this early intervention program. We have seen it work wonders. We knew that if we got help for our daughter at a young age, there was a better chance of her growing out of her developmental delays. What we didn't realize was just how much progress could be made. Thank you, Pediatric Therapy Network! You have changed Emma's life and ours."
Therapist Spotlight
Ashley Springer MS, CCC-SLP
There are only 27 therapists certified in ESDM in the state of California and PTN's Ashley Springer is one of them! Originally from Florida, she attended Florida State University for her undergraduate degree and then Northwestern University for her masters. She has been at PTN for five years and considers the people she works with here as a second family. In her free time, she likes to snowboard, rock climb, paddleboard, and knit.
Enroll your child in this program

Contact Ashley Springer, MS, CCC-SLP at / 310-328-0276, ext. 302.