No one can explain what Pediatric Therapy Network means to them better than our parents.

"Everybody here is rooting for Tori"
"We have tried so many different things here. Our speech therapist Rachel got us started with an AAC device so Tori could do eye gaze communication. When you have Rett syndrome, the only part of your body you can control is your eyes. Now Tori is learning to “talk” with her eyes, which has been amazing to experience. The other day her physical therapist, Cheryl, put her in a stander. Tori has never been able to stand by herself before. It was such a special moment to see her standing without hands on her. Amber does yoga with her at the beginning of her occupational therapy sessions; it helps her calm her body down. These are just things I never knew were available. It’s so great that all of Tori’s therapists work together to have a solid plan for her. I am here four days a week with Tori, and I feel like we know everybody. All the therapists come by and say “Hi Tori, how are you?” It’s like everybody is rooting for her here. It really does feel like a family. I always joke with the therapists and say, “I see you guys more than I see my friends.” They have been with us from the beginning and helped us cope with a devastating diagnosis. They really are our friends and people that we will keep in touch with forever. We love Team Tori!"
Milestone Moments: Meet Layla
Meet Layla. She’s a four-year-old ball of energy who loves to play in the park and dance to Latin music. Layla joined our early intervention group program, Leaps and Bounds, at the age of two, and now receives our individual Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy services. Her mom, Alicia, shares, “Layla has had three especially memorable moments at PTN. When she first started in Leaps and Bounds, she wasn’t walking. At the end of every session, the children walk to the teacher to take the toy they brought that day. I would help Layla take steps to the teacher and then back to her seat. Eventually, she took her own steps to grab her toy, and that was such a special moment to see. Being in a group program where Layla could see her peers walking, along with the physical therapy provided in Leaps, helped her take those first steps. Another memorable moment was in an occupational therapy feeding session, where she finished half of a jar of baby food. Layla has never come close to that before, and I loved seeing what she can accomplish. In one of her speech therapy sessions, I heard her say her first bigger word, “chicken,” for the first time. Hearing her little voice saying chicken was really special. That is a long word for Layla, and I am so proud that she said it! I don’t know where Layla would be developmentally if it weren’t for PTN. I’m just super thankful that there’s a place like this. I don’t even have words to describe how amazing this place is and how much it’s helped Layla.” October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a time to celebrate Layla and all individuals with Down syndrome by making people aware of their abilities and accomplishments!
Parker's Graduation
"I can't put into words what PTN means to us as a family. The amazing and caring staff have taken a miracle of a little girl, strengthened the skills she had, and taught her so much more. The devotion and love they have for these kids are overflowing, and they celebrate with us when Parker accomplishes something new. I am forever grateful for them."
Jake succeeded against all odds, beyond expectations
"Jake is a longtime PTN client, and so much of his success has developed through the hard work of all who have touched his life at PTN from a very young age. You helped Jake in the beginning when we needed you the most. We were so sad and lost and going through some of the hardest times in our lives. He couldn’t even say his name, he bounced off the walls like a pinball, and I was just a scared mess. You have played such a huge part in both Jake’s success and helping me keep hope and navigate through this crazy journey. You knew how to help me stay balanced between reality and hope, so I never lost sight of either. Because of this, I can stand strong and hopeful through the never-ending obstacles, advocate and support when I’m told “no” or “he’ll never be able to do that,” and know that Jake will find his best version of him and have a happy, fulfilled life. So I wanted to tell you guys that Jake is an Association of California School Administrators Region 14 “Every Student Succeeding” Honoree! The award is presented annually in recognition of students who have succeeded, against all the odds, beyond expectations. I wanted to share this with you because sometimes there are just not enough thank you’s or hugs to express how grateful we are. And yes, it’s exciting for Jake to get an “award”. But what is more exciting is he (we) is blessed with the most amazing people who never gave up on him. Who encouraged, loved, and supported him through the toughest years. Who helped him believe in himself, so he can meet each obstacle head on and know there is no limit to his capabilities. And because of this, he can succeed far beyond anyone’s expectations. And now he (you) is being recognized for all the hard work and determination. So congratulations, PTN, on a job well done!!!"
Hayden's Graduation
"One of the things for Hayden that comes with being a heart warrior is lack of muscle development. Before her valve replacement, Hayden's heart pumped so hard, it was like she was running a marathon all day, every day. She had no core strength, which showed up as lack of pelvic floor control, constant falling, rigid movements, etc. Hayden's graduation from physical therapy makes me beyond happy. After four and a half years, it almost seemed too good to be true. She has had a few therapists at PTN throughout the years that we could never thank enough. Now she can play sports and dance without feeling behind. Seeing her reach her goals and defy everything we were ever told shows how blessed we are. All of the hard work, tears, are paying off."
Kate shares her story in honor of Autism Awareness Month
“My baby was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 1.5 yrs old, and while people have varying beliefs about early diagnosis it has been so vital in her development. With the help of our team of behavioral, occupational, and speech therapists Hayden’s progress and communication has SOARED in the last two years. I’m so thankful for institutions such as Pediatric Therapy Network & Harbor Regional Center who have welcomed us at a bewildering time with open arms, answered countless questions, and made us feel like family. Hayden is my brilliant, problem solving, gentle, oh so cuddly, kind & loving child. We’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t completely fallen in love with her. This month I’m sharing our story, our journey, with hope to normalize the stigma. Hayden, along with countless other incredible children deserve a voice especially when they can’t find their own. I wouldn’t change her for ANYTHING because to me she is perfect. This month is for you, my sweet baby.”
Jenny and Everett's Story
"Our home away from home. Our extended family. Our cheerleaders. Our therapists. Our teachers. Our happy place. Pediatric Therapy Network is a one-and-only. The most amazing group of people my son has in his life. Knowledgeable, loving, and extremely involved in the life of every child who walks through those front doors." 
The Lucido's Story
"We are overwhelmed with gratitude. Emma gets excited when she realizes the car is pulling up to PTN. She has made an incredible amount of progress in such a short amount of time, and we credit that to her dedicated therapists and the theory behind the Early Start Denver Model. Emma's therapists are patient, understanding, and willing to listen and give advice. We feel so blessed to be a part of this early intervention program. We have seen it work wonders. We knew that if we got help for our daughter at a young age, there was a better chance of her growing out of her developmental delays. What we didn't realize was just how much progress could be made. Thank you, Pediatric Therapy Network! You have changed Emma's life and ours."
The Gonzalez Family
"It was a struggle to get my 3-year old son Nicholas to eat anything other than baby food. Nicholas would throw any new food placed in front of him, or just simply wouldn't try it. Then Nicholas began feeding therapy sessions at PTN and began trying different flavors, textures, and amounts of food. Nicholas graduated from therapy and now eats several fruits, vegetables, and meats and drinks from a cup. I am extremely proud of the tremendous progress Nicholas made at PTN."
The Camarador Family
"Micah is enrolled in the Leaps & Bounds program receiving speech, occupational and physical therapy with other toddlers his age. He can now effectively communicate with a combination of words and signs. He can confidently climb ladders at the park. All of the staff are so amazing not only with the kids, but also with us parents. They take the time to share even the smallest accomplishment like sitting in the chair for more than five minutes, which is a big deal for my rambunctious little boy!"
Helping Children Say Their First Word
"We have a talker! Mya said her first word today at school. The teacher took out some bubbles to blow and Myabella said "Bubble" five times. Thank you so much to the Pediatric Therapy Network and all the teachers that work with our princess on a daily basis! We have seen tremendous improvement in every area of her life and are extremely grateful for PTN in Long Beach."
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