Many people are surprised to hear that children participate in occupational therapy because we usually associate the term “occupation" with jobs adults perform. However, there is a broader view of “occupations" for children that include activities such as playing, learning and socializing with friends. Pediatric Therapy Network helps children develop these necessary skills so their transition into adulthood becomes a path to an independent and rewarding life.

Our pediatric occupational therapists provide evaluation, intervention and consultation in the following areas:

Feeding / Oral Motor Skills

Play & Socialization

Sensory Processing / Motor Planning


Organizing and Planning Motor Skills

Visual-Motor Skills

Fine Motor / Handwriting Skills

Self-Help Skills

Adaptive Equipment Modifications

Delays in Development

Environmental Adaptations for Home and School Settings

A Tip From A PTN Occupational Therapist!
If your child has difficulty writing for long periods of time, they may also have limited hand strength. You can provide opportunities to develop hand strength with the use of tools such as scissors, a hole punch, tweezers, a spray bottle, tongs, or building blocks. Let your child help around the garden with a spray bottle or make a fun craft with scissors and a hole punch. Hand exercises can be a lot of fun!"
Christiana W.
"My husband and I are so grateful for PTN! My son is currently receiving occupational and physical therapy here. He has been making so much progress, it's amazing. I love that he has a blast while he is "working" hard. The facilities are great with several large gyms and rooms with endless play structures, toys, sensory pits, art supplies, etc. Some of my son's favorite activities they have are the ball pit, rice pit, slides, balls, stairs to climb, swings and music toys."
Therapist Spotlight
Amber Ramseyer MS, OTR/L, SWC, CYT
Amber received her bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan and her master’s degree from Western Michigan University. Amber received a specialty certification in feeding, eating and swallowing which allows her to help children who have difficulties in these specific areas. Amber is also a certified yoga teacher and recently earned her Yoga for the Special Child® certification which focused on yoga adaptations, modifications and precautions for children with special needs. Amber is excited to incorporate yoga into her therapy sessions and has a new book called “A Therapist's Guide to Yoga in Pediatrics: A Sensory Based Approach” which is available on our website. What Amber loves most about PTN is seeing the smiles on the kiddos’ faces when they accomplish a task or achieve a goal, and the PTN atmosphere which feels like one big family.
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