As physical therapists specializing in pediatrics, we assist children in developing and enhancing mobility so they may safely participate in activities at home, the community, classroom, and on the playground. Our physical therapists are concerned with children’s ability to take part in important movement activities such as crawling, walking, running, playing games, participating in sports, and in other important physical interactions. In addition, for children who rely on mobility aids such as wheelchairs, orthotics and other supports, our therapists show them how to navigate safely in various environments. PTN’s physical therapists often incorporate many intervention approaches including stretching, massage, mobilization, strengthening and endurance training to enhance the child’s capabilities and prevent deformities and contractures. Our children also benefit from the highly specialized adaptive equipment that is used to increase their physical performance and function.

Our therapists provide evaluation, intervention and consultation in the following areas:

Gross motor development

Muscle tone and strength

Posture / Postural control

Pre-gait and gait training

Locomotion patterns

Neuromuscular function


Body alignment

Environmental adaptations

Return to sport training

Wheelchair positioning and mobility

Splinting / Bracing / Orthotics

Overuse injuries

Sport injuries

Injury prevention

Joint pain

Concussion care

Post-Surgical healing

Balance training 

Running analysis 

“I-Injuries” (phone, tablet, electronic device overuse pain)

Christiana W.
"My husband and I are so grateful for PTN! My son is currently receiving occupational and physical therapy here. He has been making so much progress, it's amazing. I love that he has a blast while he is "working" hard. The facilities are great with several large gyms and rooms with endless play structures, toys, sensory pits, art supplies, etc. Some of my son's favorite activities they have are the ball pit, rice pit, slides, balls, stairs to climb, swings and music toys."
Therapist Spotlight
Kemi Akinwale Waire
Kemi is a physical therapist who joined the PTN family three years ago. Kemi was born in Los Angeles and moved to Nigeria with her family when she was two years old. She returned to the LA area for elementary school and went on to college at Stanford University. Kemi enjoys the versatility of PTN’s therapy equipment especially working with a ramp going into a ball pit. “You can climb up the ramp on hands and knees, jump in, climb up on a pillow, or use a tunnel. I love the fact that the kids enjoy the ball pit so much they are willing to climb up and in, over and over again in so many different ways.”
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