Our Social Skills and Community Integration programs are after-school groups for children and teens between the ages of 4-18. Children and teens participate in fun-filled activities while learning a curriculum of specific social skills.

Buddy Club: Ages 4 - 12
Creates opportunities for positive peer interactions and successful community integration experiences.
My Place: Ages 13 - 18
Provides an opportunity to foster independence and positively impact the transition into adulthood.
Head of the Social Skills Programs
Abbie Gregory Bryant, OTD, OTR/L
Abbie Gregory Bryant is an occupational therapist who has been a part of the PTN family for over 13 years! Abbie grew up in New Hampshire where she attended the University of New Hampshire for her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Occupational Therapy. She came to California 13 years ago for an internship, grew to love Los Angeles, and eventually received her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California. Abbie currently oversees PTN’s social skills and community integration programs and appreciates the warm and loving team atmosphere at PTN. When asked about why the social skills programs are meaningful to her, she shared, "Social skills are so important - if you think about it, there is very little we do that doesn't involve sharing space with others. These skills aren't really taught in school - everyone is expected to innately learn them, and that just doesn't happen naturally for a lot of people. It is so powerful to watch children join our program, not knowing how to make a friend, and leave with a group of peers that they have grown with and can call friends. I have heard that some kids who met in our programs have gone on to be college roommates - isn't that incredible!?”