Talk Time is a goal-oriented program that utilizes a play-based approach to focus on speech and language development in children three to five years of age. A certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist will guide your child through age-appropriate activities that facilitate language, intelligible speech, and social interaction.

Program Details

  • A small group program (no more than six children per class) is staffed with a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and up to two assistants. 
  • Supports your child with skills needed within a preschool setting including vocabulary skills, social language development, independence, and participation in group activities.
  • Offers a playful yet structured setting for children to develop age-appropriate communication skills along with their peers during gross motor, fine motor, and sensory exploration activities.
  • Provides skilled instruction and support to caregivers to enhance the carryover of new skills into the home environment. 
  • Speech-Language Pathologist will provide a written initial assessment and ongoing progress report toward goals at three – six month intervals.
  • Program is led by a PROMPT® trained Speech-Language Pathologist. 
  • Sessions are twice a week. Cost per session is $85.00.
Enroll your child in this program

For intakes and referrals, please contact Evelyn Peterson at 310-328-0276, ext. 345 or