Toddler Talk is a goal-oriented early intervention program that utilizes a play-based approach to focus on speech and language development in children 18 months to 3 years of age. A certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist will guide your child through age-appropriate activities that facilitate language and intelligible speech. Each family and child will be provided with multiple forms of communication strategies including the use of gestures, sign language, verbal approximations, and picture selection when needed.

Program Details

  • Sessions are twice a week and are available Tuesday/Friday and Wednesday/Friday from 10 – 11:30 a.m.
  • Toddler Talk accommodates four to six children per class and is staffed with a certified and licensed Speech Language Pathologist and one Early Intervention Assistant.
  • Toddler Talk offers a playful yet structured setting for toddlers to develop communication skills along with their peers during gross motor, fine motor, and sensory exploration activities.
  • Toddler Talk provides skilled instruction and support to caregivers to enhance carry over of new skills into the home environment.
Therapist Spotlight
Jayme Stolz, MA, CCC-SLP
Meet Jayme Stolz, a Speech-Language Pathologist who has been a part of the PTN family since 2010. She received her undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill and her masters from Cal State Fullerton. Jayme is part of Toddler Talk, an early intervention program designed for children with speech and language delays. Her favorite aspect of the program is building language through play and creativity. She adds, “I love singing at circle time. The power of song always amazes me. I will watch a child who does not have any functional words, shake their finger, and pretend to talk on their 'phone' during the "5 Little Monkeys" song. It's a joy to see how music brings play out in children, which is one of the building blocks of language development.” In her free time, Jayme spends quality time with her family and friends, and she enjoys live music and shopping!
Enroll your child in this program

For intakes and referrals, please contact Evelyn Peterson at 310-328-0276, ext. 345.

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PTN's Toddler Talk program is a service provider for Harbor Regional Center. Private pay options are also available.