Our speech therapists provide both individual and group therapy sessions targeting a range of speech and language disorders for children ranging in age from approximately 16 months through 19 years. Initial training will be provided.

Volunteer activities within the speech department includes but is not limited to the following:  

  • Preparing or creating therapy and parent training materials (copying, scanning, laminating, cutting craft items or using Board Maker to create pictures, AAC picture boards, picture schedules or other related items)
  • Organizing toys and books and other treatment materials within their storage spaces
  • Sanitizing treatment materials
  • Assisting with therapy sessions as a playmate or social skills buddy

Volunteer Requirements: Must be reliable and able to complete tasks independently. Course work in communicative disorders preferred.

Minimum Time Commitment: 6 weeks

Days of the Week: Monday through Friday during business hours

Age Requirement:  18+

Volunteer Locations: PTN Torrance or Long Beach

Qualification Requirements: Must take a TB test and have a BA degree or you are currently in college