Volunteer for Camp Escapades!

August 3 – 14, 2020!

Volunteer registration opens on May 1, 2020.

Camp Escapades is considered one of the most popular youth volunteer activities in the South Bay. Many of our camp volunteers sign up year after year to participate in a rewarding and enjoyable opportunity to become a “white shirt" that serves as a camper’s buddy during camp. Volunteers are over the age of 15 and receive an orientation as to what they can expect during their time at Camp Escapades. Volunteers not only enjoy a meaningful experience that gives back to the community but they also enjoy opportunities to build better leadership and social skills. Many of our youth volunteers are from South Bay high schools, volunteer organizations and and local colleges and universities.

Alex O.
"Volunteering at Camp Escapades helped me realize I can make a career out of helping children with special needs. I am planning to go to school to become an occupational therapist."

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be 13 years old by the start of camp, provide proof of a clear TB test, and complete a LiveScan background check
    • TB TEST: All volunteers must have a valid tuberculosis (TB) test on file. Please note, a TB test is valid for 4 years after the test date. All volunteers must submit proof of TB test prior to Camp starting.

      Live Scan: Once you are accepted as a Camp Escapades volunteer, PTN will provide you with the paperwork and details for the Live Scan Service. A Live Scan is only required if you have not had one done for Camp Escapades in the past.

      ADDITIONAL PAPERWORK: Additional paperwork (liability,code of conduct and photo release form) will be sent to each volunteer in an e-mail that contains their group assignment. Volunteers will be expected to download the paperwork, sign it, and mail it to PTN before camp starts.

  • Eager to learn, energetic, and enjoy interacting with children
  • Must be available to attend an orientation prior to Camp Escapades
  • Must be able to commit to being at Camp Escapades for the duration of one week of camp, 9:00am – 4:00pm (Tuesday and Friday ends at 4:30pm)
  • Must pay a $50 fee to cover t-shirts, volunteer orientation/training, Live scan results/reports, volunteer administration, award ceremony

Hours are recorded based on attendance. A volunteer must be present at the time attendance is taken at the beginning, and end of each shift in order to receive full credit. Once camp has ended, all hours will be put into our system and we will generate a Verification of Hours letter which will be sent to each volunteer in the mail.