Message from the CEO on 12.14.20
Dear PTN Families,

PTN is open and is continuing to offer services in-person and via telehealth. As an essential business, we will continue to provide critical care to children and families. We are following our heightened safety protocols and procedures implemented during COVID-19, including daily health screenings, social distancing measures including designated treatment space for individual therapy, enhanced cleaning process, and use of personal protective equipment. We continue to monitor and implement any changes or orders from the county and state departments of Public Health.

We also wanted to thank our onsite families for responding to our health screening questions before each visit. We know this can seem time-consuming and redundant, but your honest answers each day help us maintain a safe and healthy environment. As a reminder, if your child or members of your household have been at risk for possible exposure to COVID-19, please reschedule your in-person appointments to telehealth.

Families participating in our Leaps and Bounds hybrid program for in-person, on-site services have been contacted regarding the schedule of services for the rest of December. In observance of the December holidays and New Year’s Day, PTN will close from Thursday, December 24, 2020, to Friday, January 1, 2021. PTN business will resume on Monday, January 4, 2021.

I hope that this holiday season and the new year ahead brings you and your family happiness and good health. We appreciate your support as we work together to support the health and safety of our children, families, and staff.


Terri Chew Nishimura, MA, OTR/L Founder and Chief Executive Officer
PTN's 24th Anniversary
Join us as we celebrate PTN’s 24th Anniversary! Over the 24 weeks, we will celebrate with virtual events, share milestone moments from the past 24 years, and much more. As part of our anniversary celebration, we are excited to share that we received a generous $250,000 matching fund challenge! Please help us reach our goal by donating or spreading the word about this exciting opportunity for PTN. This 24th-anniversary campaign is about setting PTN up for success in year 25 and beyond, by growing and strengthening our base of support so that we can be the resource families and communities need PTN to be for 50 and 100 years to come!
Meet Tanesha!
Meet Tanesha – if you don’t know her already! She’s engaging, friendly, and always connecting with our PTN families and staff. Did you know she has been a part of the PTN family for 17 years? As the Family Engagement Specialist for our Early Intervention team, Tanesha is the first face many families see when they arrive for their initial tour. She enjoys working alongside our families by providing support, resources, and comfort as they navigate a new journey with their child. The best part of her day? Seeing a child smile when they hear their favorite song during “circle time.” Her colleagues shared, “Tanesha is our PTN cheerleader! She's warm, compassionate and both families and staff know that she cares. She's resourceful and will not stop until she finds what a family needs. Most of all, Tanesha has a loving dedication to PTN and its mission.” In her spare time, Tanesha enjoys being around her family, traveling, cooking, and staying active and fit. Join us in celebrating Tanesha and all of the staff of PTN by supporting our 24th Anniversary Matching Fund Challenge. Please help us reach our goal by donating or spreading the word about this exciting opportunity for PTN. #PTNis24
PTN on Spectrum News 1
PTN parent, Lisa, shares her experience with virtual therapy for her daughter Leah and how it has helped her maintain the progress she made before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Watch this ABC7 story to learn more about the virtual services we are providing our children and families!
PTN's YouTube Page
Check out our YouTube page for fun activities children can do at home.
Physical Therapy Through Telehealth
PTN parent shares her excitement about the first time doing physical therapy through Telehealth, "First time with Telehealth PT! We made our first balance beam. Thanks Mr. Sam!" The whole family was involved in the session and siblings are helping make a more colorful beam for the next time.

Share your story with us!

If you’d like to share a special moment, milestone, or something that your child has accomplished at PTN, we’d love to hear about it!
Occupational Therapy Graduation!
Jace graduated from occupational therapy! His mom shares, "Congratulations my sweet boy!!! All done with Occupational Therapy at @ptn4kids ! 👏🏻👏🏻 You’ve truly worked so hard at buttoning buttons and tying your shoes! All the little things that make up to be the BIG things and you’ve graduated! You’ve done it my sweet boy! We are all so proud of you! You’ve grown up in so many more ways than I could ever express and our hearts are exploding with happiness for you! You can do all that you’ve ever dreamed of!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻" We are so proud of you, Jace! Congratulations!
PTN's Board of Director Diane Petersen
Meet Diane Petersen, MD. A member of PTN’s Board of Directors featured as a Philanthropic Vanguard in the latest issue of Southbay Magazine. Diane recently retired after 30 years of working in the medical industry as a speech and language pathologist and then as a head and neck surgeon (ENT). In addition to serving on PTN’s Board, Diane serves on the Delta Delta Delta Foundation Board of Trustees. She is very active in the South Bay community and served as a board member and president of Sandpipers. Diane shares, “In these challenging times, charitable work presents an opportunity to bring both your professional and personal skills to helping those in our community every day. We all can make an impact. Anybody at any level can make a difference. I invite everyone to get involved in a local nonprofit and shed light on the work done right here in the South Bay that makes a real difference in people’s lives. As a physician and therapist, I am incredibly impressed by the work PTN is doing to help children reach their fullest potential.” Click the link below to learn more about Diane and why she supports PTN!
Building Successful Mealtimes
We are excited to introduce Building Successful Mealtimes, our new group program for children with feeding, eating, and swallowing difficulties. Building Successful Mealtimes is designed specifically for caregivers of young children six months to five years of age who have feeding delays, including oral-motor delays, sensory-based feeding issues, or dysphagia concerns. The program's goals are to advance the child's skills in feeding, eating, and swallowing. At the same time, caregivers learn strategies to use at home and in the community to promote positive mealtime experiences. If you are interested in joining this group program, contact Joan Surfus at For more information, click the link.
Brave Talk
In our social skills and community integration program called Buddy Club, we teach kids social skills to stand up for themselves confidently. One of the strategies we use is called "Brave Talk," which describes the type of voice, facial expression, and body language used to express a want or need confidently or to stand up for yourself. Using Brave Talk involves: • A serious face (not mean or silly) • A serious voice (not too loud, soft, silly, or whiney) • Body language (body facing the other person with shoulders down, posture straight, and head up with eyes looking at the person you are talking to) • A calm body • Good personal space When you start to act bravely, you begin to feel brave, which can improve self-confidence levels. Brave Talk can be used when ordering from a menu, telling someone your opinion, asking to take a turn or join a game, asking for help, or standing up for yourself or others. If someone is doing something that you don't like, such as bullying you or someone else, Brave Talk is a tool you can use to tell them how it makes you feel and that you would like them to stop. By using Brave Talk, it often helps us feel braver and more confident, which can also prevent kids from becoming victims of bullying. Click the button to learn more about our social skills and community integration programs.
Meet Ein!
Meet Ein, a friendly, smart, curious, and observant three-year-old. He may try to impress you by showcasing all of his 160 signs. He can use his tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and signs to showcase his attitude, personality, and opinions about his needs, wants, and preferences. Ein has an extensive medical history, staying in three hospitals in three states within a year. He started in our early intervention program, Leaps and Bounds, where he interacted with his peers, something he hadn’t had a chance to do with all of his hospital stays. Ein’s Mom shared, “Ein’s most memorable moment at PTN was during the bike parade. Ein got to ride his very own special needs adaptive tricycle, pretty much the only thing in the universe that Ein can fit in with those short legs! It was so cute to see him so excited as his trike lined up with his peers to “race” down a slight incline. Even though Ein is non-verbal, there was such a proud, smug look on his face when he turned around to see where his peers went. Ein has always been last in line or the most behind or always looking at things as an outsider, whether he was in the incubator or strapped to a stroller wheelchair because he could not move yet. It was rare moments like this where he could truly feel like he was part of something, not singled out, not pressured, not attacked, just having fun doing his own thing, not even holding the handlebars. PTN has always created an inclusive environment for Ein, and there’s nothing better that could ever replace these experiences Ein had at PTN.” Join us in celebrating Ein and all of the children of PTN by supporting our 24th Anniversary Matching Fund Challenge. Please help us reach our goal by donating or spreading the word about this exciting opportunity for PTN.
Alumni Spotlight
We would like to share a milestone moment in celebration of PTN’s 24th Anniversary! Meet Jonny Pierce. He’s outgoing, happy, loves to laugh and be silly. It can be difficult for Jonny to make conversations, but he tries to engage with others the best he can. He will be turning 27 years young in just a few weeks and enjoys golfing, playing volleyball, riding trains, and is a very talented artist. Fun facts: Jonny knows everything about Disney and remembers everyone’s birthday! Jonny was one of PTN’s first clients back in the late ’90s, and today he is a record-breaking swimmer! Jonny has qualified to be a part of the US National Paralympic swim team for the past four years. Fortunately, he got back to swim practice in June and is getting back to where he was before the pandemic closed all his swim activities. Jonny will be going to the US Trials in Minnesota next June and hopes to compete in the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Some of his team members refer to Jonny as the “heartbeat” of the team, and his strong work ethic makes others want to work harder too. His dad Tim shares, “I know as parents when Jonny was young, my wife Irene and I never thought he would develop into the person he is today. It’s hard to believe that 24 years ago, Jonny was coming to PTN for physical therapy every week, and to see him now still amazes us. Jonny made great strides working at PTN, and we will forever be grateful.” We will be rooting for Jonny to represent us in the 2021 games in Tokyo! Join us in celebrating Jonny and all of our inspirational alumni by supporting our 24th Anniversary Matching Fund Challenge. Please help us reach our goal by donating or spreading the word about this exciting opportunity for PTN.
Summer 2020 Milestones Newsletter
Read about how our PTN community stepped up to ensure we continue to serve children during these trying times, learn about our new feeding clinic with specialized equipment, get to know Board member Mark Weinfeld, and more!
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